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You’ve Earned This … White Swan Event Is ON!


Tick tock. Tick tock.

The clock is ticking ever closer to America 1.0’s day of reckoning.

Just as it did in 2008’s black swan event that shook the market.

Except today … we’re entering a white swan event. This is good news if you are invested in the right places — America 2.0!

It is the single biggest opportunity of our time. Not just of today, this week or this year — of our time.

It’s never going to be uninterrupted in a straight line or come without some volatility, even in the strongest, biggest bull markets.

The markets always will test you. They will make you earn it.

2021 has been that kind of a year.

After a period like this, it acts like a coiled spring. Everything lines up. The businesses have been growing. The technology is accelerating.

This is YOUR time. You’ve earned it.

The white swan event is your reward for holding Strong Hands and staying #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive).

If, for some reason, you are not IN America 2.0, check out these details now and get moving!

As Paul said earlier this year — our time cometh:

just between us, personally i believe we’re going to crush it second half of 2021. the pain of going thru this is going to be 1000% worth it. i know because it’s happened in my own accounts after similar setups. our time cometh. stay strong. be #BOP

— ??Paul Mampilly (@MampillyGuru) May 19, 2021

Invest in the “White Swan Event”

It’s time to get ready for the white swan America 2.0 event. That’s why we spent some time this week priming you on this market and sharing ways for you to get in on the best America 2.0 mega trends:

Action for America 2.0’s “White Swan Event.” In 2008, we saw a black swan event — unpredictable by most. Now, we’re about to see a white swan event in America 2.0. Technology has accelerated, stacked and things are actually even better.
2 Actual Market Problems (Not in WSJ). Major news outlets are focusing on the wrong things. It’s nonstop doom and gloom. There are two genuine problems in the markets that you should know about (but probably won’t hear about it there).
Biggest 3D-Printing Home Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen… 3D-printing technology is transforming how we make things from food to medical breakthroughs. But, it stands to make the most impact in housing.

3 #BOP Moves for Cannabis: ETF to Buy. The cannabis sector is prime to make a huge run-up soon, and you won’t want to miss it. This is a sector that’s undergone a serious transformation — so get ready to invest!

BTC Highs Ahead, Altcoins Could Do Even Better… If you’re ONLY investing in bitcoin, you’re limiting yourself in this crypto rally. Altcoins can go even higher in this bull run.


Your Bold Profits Team

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