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TeslaX? 4/20 Pot Stocks? Here’s the Breakdown…


“X Holdings”?

If this ends up being right, everyone that owns Tesla could own Tesla, Space X and more:

A Tesla Lollapalooza? 

Paul is stoked for this to happen. 

It would mean that all of YOU — without lifting a finger — could now own X Holdings … not just Tesla, but Space X, Twitter, the Boring Company, Neuralink and whatever else Elon Musk comes up with. 

That could mean a TSLA stock price of maybe $20,000 or $30,000 per share.

You know Paul is going to be on top of this so look for more details here or watch Paul’s Profit Unlimited update this week. (Not subscribed, yet? See how you can here.)

Stay tuned…

Now, I missed 4/20, but I was still watching the markets.

Pot Stock  Update 

If you’ve invested in pot stocks, I know you have Strong Hands.

Like, REALLY strong.

But — just in time for the infamous 4/20 — I believe the time for pot stock investors is coming.

I’m still out this week. Even stopped by to visit Paul:

Chillin with @IanDyerGuru who is visiting NC

— 🇺🇸Paul Mampilly (@MampillyGuru) April 17, 2022

(Even when we’re out, we’re in. Follow us on Twitter here!)

But I wanted to send you this quick note. Pot stocks are still dirt-cheap right now. 

And legalization will be a big catalyst for pot stocks to bounce back.

The market is now looking ahead. 

Should you buy? I have one way you can gain exposure to multiple pot stocks with one buy. Watch this for the full story on the pot stock opportunity I see unfolding:

(To read the transcript, click here.)

I’ll be back next week with a new Crypto Corner! So send me your questions at


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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