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Tesla Tunnels & Autonomous Cars: #A20 Infrastructure Plan


America 2.0 (#A20) is happening now.

I recently filled out an online traffic survey produced by my hometown here in South Florida.

City planners are asking residents to submit their ideas on how to improve our local roadways and offer our vision for the future of transportation and infrastructure in our community.

You see, over the last ten years or so, like many small cities in the U.S., we’ve experienced a massive home-building boom.

About 900 people are moving to Florida every day.

In my county alone, we’re expecting to add 222,000 additional residents by 2030.

With this large population increase and rise in new communities, the number of drivers on the roads has exploded.

Seeing gridlock on a Sunday afternoon is now the norm.

But that is about to change thanks to America 2.0 future-forward thinking.

The survey I filled out is an America 2.0 infrastructure plan in the making.

It includes two big trends we follow:

Autonomous vehicles.
Tesla tunnels.

The outcome of this would no doubt spread across the country and would be huge for America 2.0 investors.

I’ll tell you the America 2.0 basket of stocks — or exchange-traded fund (ETF) — you can buy today ahead of this transportation transformation.

See America 2.0 Becoming a Self-Driving Force!

The way my local city planners see it, the eventual implementation of autonomous vehicles “will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety.”

On a national level, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sees the continuing evolution of automotive technology as a way:

…to deliver even greater safety benefits and automated driving systems (ADS) that — one day — can handle the whole task of driving when we don’t want to or can’t do it ourselves. Fully automated cars and trucks that drive us, instead of us driving them, will become a reality. These self-driving vehicles ultimately will integrate onto U.S. roadways by progressing through six levels of driver assistance technology advancements in the coming years.

And globally, according to Statista, by 2030, one in 10 vehicles will be self-driving, propelling fully automated cars to become a $14 billion-dollar market.

Statista data also shows that fully autonomous vehicles are projected to “reach market commercialization between 2026 and 2030.”

But hold onto your steering wheel!

Another America 2.0 company is making waves here in South Florida.

The Boring Company, a state-of-the-art tunnel construction services company — founded by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk in 2016 — is introducing its mind-blowing technology in nearby Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In June 2021, The Boring Company submitted a 29-page proposal to the city of Fort Lauderdale to “build a pair of tunnels that will shuttle riders to the city’s beachfront in self-driving Teslas.”

Boring’s Skipping Traffic and Heading Straight to Beach

The tunnels are also known as Loops (an all-electric, zero-emission, high-speed underground public transportation system).

And the plan is to shuttle riders east and west from a local commuter train station to the Fort Lauderdale beachfront, skipping lines of above-ground road traffic along the way.

This means Teslas will become a form of public transportation while navigating passengers at speeds between 50 to 70mph.

Per reporting from the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the mayor of Fort Lauderdale foresees the potentially $5 ride to take about three to four minutes.

The ride will be lively with lights and music and “passengers will also be able to use their cellphones during the ride.”

Fort Lauderdale’s city commission held its first vote in early October 2021 on the Boring Company’s tunnel proposal.

The vote passed 4-to-1.

This is yet another example of America 2.0 technology in action.

Buy Into Innovation for the #A20 Transportation Takeover

Your America 2.0 mega trends — autonomous vehicles and more — are gaining mainstream steam:

As mentioned in my Bold Profits Daily article last week, well-appointed companies whose product lines focus on these mega trends have the chance of rocketing higher in the future.

To be part of this America 2.0 transportation revolution, consider:

Buying shares in ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK). This exchange-traded fund invests in stocks relevant to the theme of disruptive and industrial innovation.

It’s an America 2.0 ETF ready to soar higher as our world changes for the future.

Personally, I’ll be ready to write to you from a Tesla tunnel or from an autonomous vehicle one day soon!

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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