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Do You Think “Future-Forward” Like Paul Mampilly?


Let’s get right to it.

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with Paul Mampilly last year.

Paul shared his overall market view and America 2.0 stock forecast for the next one to three years.

Simply put, his America 2.0 projections were very enlightening and classic future-forward Paul!

Paul unwaveringly stated: “I tend to live about three years ahead of many people.”

And it’s true.

Paul is what we call an early adopter of technology.

He starts using a technology, innovation or product as soon as it becomes available.

In my many conversations with Paul, I can tell you he walks the talk.

From the concept of home grocery delivery, to living in a smart home to driving an electric vehicle (EV) with self-driving tech to using a Tesla Powerwall.

These are the new normal today, but Paul was already using these years ago.

And most importantly, he was also an early investor with the ability to recognize these mega trends and the gain-potential…

Invest for Tomorrow, You’ve Already Missed Out on Yesterday

Living and investing with a future-forward outlook is exciting.

It takes a forward-looking person who can remove the blinders and envision a world where technological advancements can help make life a bit easier.

It’s through innovations humanity has progressed from an era of hunter-gatherers to an agrarian society to the industrial era.

And it pays to invest for the future. The big winners of the past are in the past. You make the biggest gains by spotting opportunities early on.

Like these winners from America 2.0 stocks:

1,111% in a year and a half.
1,142% in three and a half years.
An open gain of 1,321% since 2018.
And dozens of other double- and triple-digit gains.

Now, no one — you, me or Paul — will get it right every time. But investing early in America 2.0 gives you a better shot.

Have you ever wondered if you’re an early adopter like Paul?

First check out this graphic.

This is the “Diffusion of Innovation” bell curve:

This curve shows the five categories of technology product adopters.

First, there are innovators of technology, people like Tesla’s Elon Musk fall into this category, followed by early adopters of technology like Paul and like-minded individuals, then there’s the early majority, late majority and laggards.

So I have a few questions for you to see if you’re an early adopter. (Originally a Pew Research Center survey):

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Are You an Early Adopter?

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If the problem persists, then check your internet connectivity. If all other sites open fine, then please contact the administrator of this website with the following information.

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If you’ve answered:

Usually try new products before others do.
Like being able to tell others about new brands and
products I have tried.
Like the variety of trying new products.

You are an early adopter.

As early adopters, you and Paul represent the second-fastest adopters of new technological innovations.

Also, as an early adopter, you’re more likely to seize a promising opportunity when it presents itself.

So here’s one for you.

See the Opportunity Behind the Volatility

Over the past year, some of Paul’s America 2.0 stock recommendations have wavered, but Paul’s determination and optimism for the future haven’t.

Tamara — who stepped back from writing to manage Bold Profits behind the scenes — recently had a one-on-one call with Paul.

We were actually worried Paul might have a spicy email ready for us all!

Expecting a somber conversation, she was very surprised. And she shared it with us.

Paul explained how he’s still UNAPOLOGETICALLY #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive).

Next year this time, people will be uncorking champagne and singing hallelujahs.

Christmas has come early. Wall Street’s selling and I can tell you these people are going to be sorry.

This is the moment of a lifetime. In time, people are going to wish they had this moment to buy. 

We won’t see another opportunity to profit like this again for a very long time. It’s an amazing gift. 

Please tell folks the truth.

Please, please tell them what’s going on: It’s a time to buy not sell, especially these small stocks that can just ROCKET up!

So, tomorrow, December 16, Paul and Bold Profits team are hosting an event titled “Phase 2: The Supercycle Begins!

Paul’s going to share how being an investor in America 2.0 small-cap stocks at today’s prices is an ideal time to buy.

To listen in, you’ll have to sign up to reserve your spot.

You can do so by clicking here.

In all, to make big money over time you must have grit, determination, foresight, Strong Hands and possess a few early adopter qualities.

I know that is YOU.

Keep your #BOP mindset, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for more early adopter America 2.0 opportunities!

Until next time,

Amber LancasterDirector of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

P.S. The deadline to reserve your spot to Paul’s Supercycle Phase 2 event is tonight at midnight ET. So, please don’t hesitate. Click here now before time runs out on Phase 2 of this huge opportunity!

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