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5 Awesome Things About TSLA Stock Split! 🎉


Happy Tesla Inc. (TSLA) split! 

That’s right. Rumor has it TSLA’s 20-1 split is ON!

That means if you have one share today, you’d have 20 post-split. 

Now, before the media pours cold water on this, let’s celebrate you! 

Okay, a stock split does not DO anything for your gains overnight. It takes a company’s stock, splits it into more pieces and the stock price falls by an equivalent amount. 

But hey, we don’t have to be in the no-fun patrol. 

Here are FIVE awesome benefits of the TSLA stock split for you. Maybe you can even decide how much Elon gets paid and more! 

Watch here:


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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